Full Arch Replacement

Fill in missing teeth today with dental implants in EncinitasYears ago, if you had missing teeth and needed a full arch replacement, your only option was false teeth, or dentures. Of course, while having false teeth was much better than having no teeth at all, these types of false teeth dentures had several drawbacks. These false teeth dentures definitely came nowhere near the comfort that can be provided by a much newer procedure: dental implants, which assist implant supported dentures and permanent dentures. Unlike the false teeth of the past, which could slip or fit improperly and hurt, these implant supported dentures look and feel just like natural teeth.

At La Costa Dental Excellence in Encinitas and San Marcos CA, Dr. Stephen Dankworth and Dr. Kimberly Corrigan-Dankworth can partner with you about what dental implants treatment you prefer. You can discuss the option of getting dental implants to provide a full arch replacement and be permanent dentures. The dental implants in Encinitas and San Marcos CA will provide a type of permanent dentures anchor for longer bridges and then will fill in the whole area of missing teeth.

How Do Permanent Dentures Work?

The idea behind the dental implant is to replace a single, multiple or entire arch of missing teeth. During the initial appointment with us, you will have the anchor placed in the gum tissue, and may, in some cases have a temporary prosthetic arch bridge constructed.

Once the full arch replacement is completed, there will be a minimum of four different dental implants that will serve as the anchor. Once the dental implants have fused with the jawbone, Drs. Dankworth will place the implant supported dentures. Sometimes this entire permanent dentures procedure may take more than one appointment to complete the process.

Permament Dentures – A False Teeth Solution in Carlsbad!

Permanent dentures in Carlsbad are a reliable substitution for false teethEven if you have been wearing false teeth for years or even decades, or you have had a significant amount of bone loss in the jaw, you may qualify for more permanent dentures: implant supported dentures. We take care to make the dental implants process as comfortable and painless as possible for you.

Implant supported dentures at La Costa Dental Excellence in Encinitas and San Marcos CA provide many more features and benefits than traditional false teeth were able to provide. We would love to discuss the benefits of implant supported dentures and permanent dentures to replace your false teeth. Call La Costa Dental Excellence in Encinitas and San Marcos CA today!